Romain Bischoff started his career as a soloist at Les Art Florissants. Ever since, he has developed himself to a versatile singer: from Renaissance to Contemporary, from Mozart’s Nozze to Xenakis’ Déesse Athéna, and from Bach’s Matthäus to Honeggers’ Le Roi David. Throughout his career, he has specialised himself in contemporary music.

Bischoff has sung in many European opera houses and festivals, including Hollands Festival, Dresdner Tage der Zeitgenössischen Musik, Festival Agora, La Biennale die Venezia, Festival Musica, Donaueschinger Musiktage en Festival Musica Strassbourg.

As a conductor, Romain Bischoff has put many shows and a twenty of premieres to his name, including the Refugee operas, the much-appraised international shows On a foggy day and Cirque Vocal; and Seung-Ah Ohʼs opera Lege Wieg/Boş Beşik. In 2014, he conducted Claude Vivier’s Kopernikus at the Dutch National Opera & Ballet.

In 2002, Romain Bischoff created Vocaallab, of which he has been general and artistic director ever since. What started as a workplace for contemporary vocal music slowly evolved into a production house for interdisciplinary musical theatre. In 2014, its name was changed into Silbersee. Around that time, Bischoff also started to focus more on creating and directing shows himself. The first fruits of this were DJ Moz’ART (2013, co-directed with Marco Gerris), Match Girl Passion (2014), Woyzeck, a delusional opera (2014) and this season’s Sarah’s Passion.

In his position as Silbersee’s artistic director, Bischoff likes to see himself as a connecting force between different art disciplines. He is always on the hunt for collaborations with performers and groups originating from all possible corners of the artistic field. From urban to classical, from writers to circus artists and from dancing performances to visual art: everyone is welcome to join.



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